ĐIỆN THOẠI Jacob Jensen IP-20

● Hearing aid compatible handestDimensions: 195(L)*95(W)*65(H)
● SOS buttonWeight: 531g
● Redials the last number dialled and dialled number disappears  Color: Sliver-black
within 5 minutes.Handset cord: 2.7m
● Default 600ms hook switch flash. Can be set from 100ms to Line cord: 50cm
1000ms according to the network specifications.Handset: Hearing Aid Compatible Handset
● Press or to adjust the handset volume.Dial Character: Standard 12 groupDTMF
● PROG button-to programme the SOS button.Message Waiting Light Voltage
● Message and ringing Indicator.MWL supports high-voltage and Reverse polarity signal
● Desktop and wall mounting.Operating Voltage: 24V~60V DC
 Guest Service Key Programming:
 Hand-held Cloner R.P.(YES)
 Quality Control System: ISO9001
 Quality Approval: ROHS, ETL, CCC, CE, FCC
 FCC rules:
 The unit complies with part 15 and part 68 of the FCC
 rules and regulations
 Package (set/carton): 20Set/Carton

HT20 In Hotel Room