AEI Emergency Notification Solution

icon date Sep 20, 2023 Chia sẻ

In the third quarter of 2021, TSM Trading and Technical Services Joint Stock Company in collaboration with AEI company launched the emergency warning solution ENS (Emergency Notification Solution) to the market.

The ENS emergency alarm system is suitable for use in all public buildings where a security or emergency department is located, for example, hotels, hospitals, apartments, or other similar facilities.

* Information integration: on the Security Center control panel, the color screen will display emergency call extension numbers. Security personnel can dial through the keypad on the control panel to place a call to the Rapid Response Unit.

* Quick response: this solution allows security staff to immediately determine where an emergency call is coming from and send support teams to the right location in the shortest time.

* Broadcasting: The system broadcasts warnings and accurate information to listeners in case of emergency.

* Call Location: Based on IP technology to determine the exact location of the emergency calling phone.

* Management system of up to 512 terminals with two-way voice communication (Two Communication)