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The Five Lilas – a luxe apartment hotel developed by The Five brand officially put into operation the NEC PABX at No. 9, Nguyen Bieu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

The Five is a high-end tourism, resort and entertainment brand developed by TC Group – Vietnam’s leading multi-industry economic group. The brand appears in a series of famous tourist destinations with high-end resorts such as: The Five Villas & Resort Ninh Binh, The Five Residences Ha Noi and The Five Villas & Resort Quang Nam- […]

NEC Univerge SV9100-CCIS Networking Acecook Vietnam

Established on December 15, 1993 and officially put into operation in 1995. After more than 28 years, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company has continuously grown to become a leading general food company. In Vietnam with a solid position in the market, specializing in providing high quality and nutritious instant food products, the business has replicated […]

TSM officially won the NEC UNIVERGE SV9300 (Dual Mode) switchboard system maintenance service package for FOUR POINTS by Sheraton Da Nang Hotel

TSM officially won the NEC UNIVERGE SV9300 (Dual Mode) switchboard system maintenance service package for FOUR POINTS by Sheraton Da Nang Hotel, managed and operated by MARRIOTT Hotel Management Group. Scope of work of the maintenance package: NEC Platform: Univerge SV93000 – 02 x ISDN E1 – 661 lP subscribers – PSM Interface (FCS GW […]

Supply and installation of backup communication systems to ensure information security for 3 locations: Company Headquarters, Song Bung 2 Hydroelectric Plant and Song Bung 4 Hydroelectric Plant.

With reliable and durable operation and a multi-protocol platform, the NEC Univerge SV9100 IP switchboard system was chosen to take on the role of ensuring secure communication between Song Bung hydropower plants. and EVNICT dispatch center at the Central 500kV station via SDH transmission system and IP network with E1/R2-MFC signaling The NEC Univerge SV9100 […]

Successful test run of LPKF ProtoLaser U4 machine at site

The first test runs of ultra-high frequency circuit products using the LPKF ProtoLaser U4 laser machine have shown satisfactory results for users. LPKF ProtoLaser U4 uses a laser in the UV spectrum with a wavelength of 355nm, specially developed so it can be easily processed on many groups of materials without contact with the material. […]

NEC Japan recognizes TSM’s contributed efforts in Marketing activities

To make TSM’s products and services known to people, the Marketing team always strives to promote them on mass media. In addition, TSM also always accompanies NEC in all marketing projects such as participating in seminars, meeting partners, and updating information about new products, new solutions, and new projects to keep customers informed. Get the […]

3-Party handover and acceptance of IP-PBX SYSTEM NEC UNIVERGE SV9300

In mid-November 2023, TSM officially carried out the three-party handover and acceptance between the M&E contractor and the State Securities Commission of Vietnam, putting NEC’s communication system into operation. Content of work in the supply and installation package: IP-PBX NEC Univerge SV9300 The NEC switchboard system is equipped with a CPU hot standby mechanism (1+1) […]

NEC Univerge SV9300 – PMS Integration Mövenpick Living West Hanoi

With experience in installing and integrating voice systems for a series of hotels and resorts of the world’s leading brands such as: L7 West Lake by LOTTE, Mövenpick Wavely Spa & Resort Phu Quoc, Crown Plaza Starbay Phu Quoc, Nikko Hai Phong Hotel, Best Western Premier Sapphire Ha Long, Ibis Style Vung Tau, Azerai Can […]

Upgrade NEC UNIVERGE SV9300 Da Nang- Mikazuki Japanese Resort and Spa

At the end of October 2023, TSM upgraded the NEC IP-PBX Univerge SV9300 system at the Da Nang Mikazuki Japanese Resorts & Spa resort. This upgrade includes: Provides hot standby feature (N+1) Declare and connect the SIP trunk to the ISP The upgrade aims to ensure 24/7 operation for nearly 900 SIP subscribers and communication […]

Supply and installation of NEC IP-PBX for Wink Hotel chain

On October 16, 2023, TSM continued to make a mark by signing a contract to supply and install the NEC IP-PBX switchboard system for the Wink hotel chain. The Win Hotel project in Ninh Kieu, Can Tho is the successful continuation of TSM’s two Wink Hotel projects in Da Nang in the luxury resort and […]

VTech telephone has presented at 2 luxury projects Regis Bay Danang Hotel and The Pearl Hoi An Hotel & Resort

We, TSM, has supplied 500 pcs VTech telephone for 02 luxury projects Regis Bay Danang Hotel and Hoi An Pearl Hotel & Resort. Practical and affordably priced, this corded analog phone features traditional styling.Straightforward functionality and ergonomic comfort meet the needs of busy guests,while antibacterial plastic protects them and housekeeping staff from germs.     […]

Handover, acceptance and operation of NEC’s communication system at Viet Duc University Hospital

In the last weeks of September 2023, TSM coordinated with one of the leading companies in the field of technology and solution integration in Vietnam to conduct handover, acceptance, and operation NEC’s communication system to Viet Duc Friendship Hospital. Content of work in the supply and installation package: Replace Panasonic KX-TD500 switchboard Supply and installation […]

Supplied NEC PBX and 500 pcs VTech telephone for 02 luxury projects

TSM has supplied NEC PBX and 500 pcs VTech telephone for 02 luxury projects Regis Bay Danang Hotel and Hoi An Pearl Hotel & Resort. VTech telephone- practical and affordably priced, this corded analog phone features traditional styling.Straightforward functionality and ergonomic comfort meet the needs of busy guests,while antibacterial plastic protects them and housekeeping staff […]

TSM joined the LPKF Distributor Meeting, September 13 – 15, 2023

In the middle of September 2023, LPKF (Germany) organized a seminar program for distributors (EQ, DQ, WQ) globally from September 13-15, 2023 in Garbsen, Virtue. The program introduces new features developed on ProtoLaser H4 (2nd generation) as well as MultiPress S4 for the PCB design field. Improvements on ProtoLaser H4 (2nd generation): Laser Power: 20W […]

TSM has officially handed, accepted and operated the communication system

In early August 2023, TSM officially handed over, accepted, exploited, and operated NEC’s communication system to a project with 100% foreign investment capital from Japan in the field of medical equipment manufacturing. This communication system includes integrated solutions for multi-platform, multi-system in IP environments along with special features requested from users: NEC IP-PBX Platform Connect […]

TSM supplied more than 1200 hotel phones for Lotte Mall Ha Noi project

TSM continues to provide more than 1200 champagne gold color hotel phones for the hotel and silver color for the serviced apartment of the Lotte Mall Hanoi project. This is the JACOB JENSEN™ phone line, which is the most luxurious brand of the phone manufacturer Bittel, equipped with many modern features, very suitable for the […]

TSM supplies NEC SV9500 PABX for super project LOTTE MALL TAY HO

Entering the final months of 2022, TSM continues to win the trust of partners by signing a contract to provide the NEC UNIVERGE SV9500 switchboard system for the super project LOTTE MALL TAY HO. NEC Group also sent senior officials to work with TSM and visit the project. According to Mr. Francis Wong – Director […]

NEC expands capacity for NEC UNIVERGE SV9500SE on V10.4

NEC (Japan) officially released Ver 10.4 for the NEC Univerge SV9500SE IP-PBX system on October 1, 2023. This upgrade has brought many outstanding features to the system compared to the previous Ver 9.0 Maximum SIP subscriber capacity is upgraded to 2,048 subscribers Embedded 32-channel Voice Server feature (Embedded VS32) on CPU Supports up to 04 […]

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ALTAI Super WiFi

Altai Technologies specializes in the design, development, promotion of innovative and high-tech wireless broadband solutions.

Dedicated Phone

Dedicated phones for hospitality and industrial environments.

LPKF PCB Prototype Technology

LPKF (Germany) is a leading provider of PCB manufacturing solutions using laser technology. LPKF’s laser systems are important in the production of high frequency circuit boards, microchips, auto parts, solar panels and meet the ability to operate on different material components such as the FR4 standard. , HF multilayer, ceramic and material.

NEC Unified Communication

NEC’s IP PBX product lines are specifically designed for small and medium-sized organizations, large and very large enterprises. The system offers flexible scalability right out of the box, which can ensure that their employees have the full range of applications and features so they can contact them anywhere and anytime. they need. With NEC’s information communication solutions, businesses can decide the most effective and cost-effective way to communicate with employees in the digital age.

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Hospital environment solutions

iCall – IP Nurse Call is one of the first Full IP nurse-systems in the world, designed according to open IP standards with highly flexible infrastructure topology. The iCall system is suitable for modern new projects as well as being flexible in upgrading and converting the existing nurse call system in operation to the new […]

Hotel environment solution

NEC can cater to each specific brand and type of hotel with a specific platform and suite of solutions – from small to large scale, basic to very advanced in functionality and installed & supported in anywhere in the world. NEC’s IT and Communication solutions help the hotel industry control costs, improve management and operational […]

VoIP Security Solution

NEC offers a wide range of Gateway and SBC solutions for service providers as well as enterprises.The NEC Univerge BX Series includes edge area controllers (SBCs) for digital and analog interface ports.

Mobical solution

Mobicall is a middleware application that manages alerts and events with high reliability and flexibility. Manage information, alerts and notifications generated by sources such as Paging systems, nurse call systems (NurseCall), fire alarm systems, building management and sending information to NEC IP-PBX systems Send alerts via Text or Voice message to NEC IP-DECT, IP Phone […]


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With a range of information technology products and a series of specialized and diverse applications, we have provided products to many key projects nationwide.

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TSM Technical Services and Trading Joint Stock Company was formed from individuals with a deep understanding of technology and enthusiasm to become a reputable enterprise in providing solutions and quality service. head.