NEC Univerge SV9100-CCIS Networking Acecook Vietnam

icon date Feb 28, 2024 Chia sẻ

Established on December 15, 1993 and officially put into operation in 1995. After more than 28 years, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company has continuously grown to become a leading general food company. In Vietnam with a solid position in the market, specializing in providing high quality and nutritious instant food products, the business has replicated the operation with 11 large-scale factories in many provinces and cities.

Acecook Vietnam has requested system integration providers to come up with innovative solutions and synchronize their information systems to meet the increasing demand for multi-point communication.

With powerful features and diverse integration capabilities, the NEC PBX UNIVERGE SV9100 system platform was selected along with the multi-side communication connection solution via private network CCIS over IP signaling number 7. Through close and effective coorperation with the main contractor, all 6 factories of the project were installed simultaneously at an incredible speed on the weekends before the Lunar New Year 2024

Implemented solutions include: 

  • Platform: NEC Univerge SV9100
  • Multi-layer centralized automatic answering system via service number 1900
  • Networking: SIP trunk, Netlink, K-CCIS
  • GSM Gateway
  • Manage InReport calls
  • SIP trunk recording system for Hot-line department.
  • NEC Business ConneCT Operator
  • NEC DT900 Series IP Phone and NEC SIP phone GT210

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