TSM has officially handed, accepted and operated the communication system

icon date Aug 07, 2023 Chia sẻ

In early August 2023, TSM officially handed over, accepted, exploited, and operated NEC’s communication system to a project with 100% foreign investment capital from Japan in the field of medical equipment manufacturing.

This communication system includes integrated solutions for multi-platform, multi-system in IP environments along with special features requested from users:

  • NEC IP-PBX Platform
  • Connect multipoint SIP trunk to 3rd SIP PBX and ISP
  • 3rd Portable WiFi SIP Phone
  • 3rd WiFi SIP Desk Phone
  • NEC ST500 Smart Mobility
  • NEC IP Phone
  • NEC SIP Phone
  • Connect IP-PBX communication to IP public announcement system via SIP protocol
    VoIP security for IP endpoints.
  • Application for administration, reporting, and management of users’ User-ID and Passcode via Web interface.