NEC BCT Contact Center

NEC BCT Contact Center

NEC UNIVERGE® Business ConneCT unified communications suite integrates all communication streams including voice channels, SMS, Web chat, and social networks, and displays them in a single live view. mandarin. Deployment is simple and cost-effective, with three user modes – Employee, Operator, and Contact Center – using the same facility Data, common user interface, and all are managed and operated from one central point.

Key features of Business ConnectCT Contact Center:

> Integrate multiple communication channels such as phone, E-mail, Webchat, and various social media for agents.

> Make the most of your agent’s skills across different call-handling flows.

> Automatically route incoming calls, Webchat, and E-mail to agents based on the language or service requested.

> Route calls, web chats, apps, and emails to agents based on language, skill, or service.

> Telephone operators pick up calls right on the queue.

> Enable agents to work from any location: in the office, at home or on the road.

> With the Callback feature, customers do not have to wait in line to be served, minimizing the situation of calls being abandoned midway.

> Flexibility in adding additional resources to agents to improve work performance at each specific time.

> Dashboards, real-time dashboards with reports on performance analytics.

> Monitor and evaluate agent performance, customer behavior, and service trends.

> Toolkit for reports to optimize agent service levels

> Intuitive user interface with a role-switching feature for users

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