NEC UNIVERGE SV9500 communication solution has created a smart working environment with many options for communication methods, flexible interaction, and easy compatibility with many different solutions.

With many feature-rich applications and services, the NEC UNIVERGE SV9500 system can be easily scaled according to the needs of organizations and businesses, helping to connect anytime, anywhere and on any smart device. Communicating to colleagues, customers and even business partners becomes simple and intuitive.

Key features of the NEC UNIVERGE SV9500 include:

  • Voice server (3U 19” size) fully equipped with hot standby features for power (AD/DC or DC/DC), network connection port, Intel® Core central processor
  • The system has a virtualized software version for VMware® ESXi
  • Supports multiple SIP communications with ISP providers at the same time
  • Maximum capacity of 4,000 IP subscribers on a single system.
  • Supports pure IP voice, traditional TDM voice or a combination of both.
  • Ability to flexibly expand traditional subscribers through Media Gateway UG50
  • Distributed architecture over WAN/LAN
  • Geo-redundancy feature for the system through MGC
  • Applications:

> UNIVERGE ST500 Smartphone Client

> Contact Center/Operator/Employee

> Internal/External ACD

> Voicemail/Unified Communications System

> Emergency On-site Notification

> 3rd Party Hospitality Middleware Interface

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