NEC Smart Access

Smart Access Control application software (NEC Smart Access) provides convenience and ease of use  for users. Fully automatic – touchless operation, ensuring personal security when performing the IN/OUT process at the customer identification registration area.

The customer’s identity is verified, and registration information will be retrieved from the system. Access cards are automatically issued with all information and registration time of the customer. When a customer successfully registers IN, a notification about the customer’s arrival information will be sent to the relevant person.

NEC Smart Access application software not only transforms the customer experience when checking in/out but also improves staff efficiency and reduces waiting time. wait when registering IN/OUT, enhancing security and privacy.

Key features of the NEC Smart Access app includes:

> Orient users to a technology experience.

> Easy to use, operate mining with touchless mode (Touchless) or touch mode (Touch)

> Visitors/employees/Other guests will receive an E-mail inviting them to register information from the Smart Access application as well as sign the policies and agreements of the place they will visit/work

> The pre-registration process will be conducted by QR code or facial recognition.

> Experience check-in/check-out with touchless technology.

> Pre-registration process will speed up the I/O control process

> Integrated with the device to measure the body temperature of subjects before entering.

> The dashboard displays the entire status as well as limits the number of people registered for each designated location or all locations in the office area

> Print IN/OUT cards for customers with company LOGO.

> Customizable notification content by Email/SMS for tasks when completing registration, checking in, checking out, abnormalities when scanning body temperature and when the system reaches the limit of registration capacity sign.

> Create detailed reporting forms about check-in/out times

>  App available from Google Play® for Android tablets and from NEC’s app store.

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