NEC BCT Operator

NEC BCT Operator

NEC UNIVERGE® Business ConneCT’s unified communications suite integrates all communication streams including voice channels, SMS, Web chat, and social networks, and displays them in the same live-view mandarin. Deployment is simple and cost-effective, with three user modes – Employee, Operator, and Contact Center – using the same facility Data, common user interface, and all are managed and operated from one central point.

Key features of Business ConnectCT Operator:

> Unified Communications

> Extended fields for caller information

> Handle calls in the queue simply and quickly

> Drag and Drop controls

> Real-time status display

> Real-time online messaging

> Braille support for the visually impaired

> Outlook® Calendar integration

> Operate within the same PBX network

> Operator group statistics

> Multilingual: Supports 20 languages ​​available

> Intuitive user interface

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