SMART Check-in

NEC’s smart CHECK-IN solution provides users with a self-service, fully automated, easy-to-use interface that guides guests on how to use it when performing the check-in/check-out process. This self-service app allows guests to walk up to the kiosk, verify their identity with facial recognition technology and ID authentication*, receive booking information, add payment options if needed, provide an encrypted room card, and assign them a room.

When guests check out, they simply enter their room number and check-in date, review their invoice, and have the receipt printed or emailed to them at their convenience. All tasks on the application are simple and fast.

The interface is fully customizable with hotel/resort logos and images along with multiple choices for languages ​​when used for the convenience of guests using this app. The application software will be integrated with the Hotel Management System (PMS) such as OPERA PMS to immediately notify staff when a room has been CHECK-IN registered as well as when the customer has completed the transaction.

Key features of the NEC Smart Check-in application software include:

> Transform the guest experience – an intuitive, easy-to-use automated interface guides guests through each check-in/check-out step.

> Speed ​​up the check-in/check-out process, customers no longer have to wait in line.

> Guests can choose their own personal language.

> Use NEC’s UNIVERGE integration platform (UIP) for easy integration with hotel management systems (PMS) as well as facial recognition software, touch screens, cameras, Passport/ID scanners, credit card payment devices, and room key encryption devices.

> Verify guest identity through facial recognition technology and Passport/ID scanner to enhance security – supporting the customer identity verification process [Know Your Customer (KYC) policies]

> Accept credit card payments when the app is connected to the appropriate payment terminal (POS).

> Provide guests with encrypted room numbers and room card information through the door lock encryption device when integrated into the application.

> Provide guests with complete detailed information about the content of their stay invoice with the option to print it directly or email it to them.

> Improve employee productivity and efficiency, focusing on customer experience.

> The application interface is customized according to operating needs including changes to wallpaper, logo and colors.

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